Company Challenges!!

The NYCI have provided some activities that our Children can get involved in.

We’ve never lived through anything like this – take photos of what your life is like during these weeks, what you’re doing, how you’re spending your time – it’s going to be part of history!

BorrowBox is the online app for Irish Libraries, allowing you to join the library, download and borrow ebooks, magazines and other resources for free!

Visual Art
Will Sliney, Irish artist for Marvel’s Star Wars, Spider-man and for Everton is hosting a daily drawing challenge on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Search #WeWillDraw.

If you are making your own films at home or on your phone, these software apps are free and can help. Recommended by our good friends at Young Irish Filmmakers:

OpenShot Video Editor
Youtube Studio Creator: Create your own channel and browse their creator studio free music and video assets

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