The core age range of the Seniors Section is from 15 to 18 years.


The Programme

Young people in this age group are encouraged to lead their own programme, supported by volunteer leaders. It's all about the young people deciding what they would like to do and organising it for themselves. The Challenge Plus programme for this age group is based on projects and challenges, encouraging young people to complete one-off challenges and more in-depth projects both of which can be tackled individually or as part of a team. Activities may include 'Homelessness', 'Conservation', 'Driving', 'Preparing for Work' amongst many more. There are opportunities to go away on camps and residentials, which are often the highlights in the annual programme. In addition there may be international opportunities open to the Seniors Section, ranging from attending BB events abroad to volunteering on community projects in developing countries.


Throughout their time in this age group young people can gain badges and recognition for their participation in the programme. Seniors can get involved in a wider range of awards and qualifications including the internationally recognised Gaisce Award as well as a number of awards within the organisation including Young Volunteer Award, the President's Badge and the highest award in the BB, The Founder's Badge.


The Uniform

Young people wear a core uniform which can either consist of a blue polo shirt and navy blue sweatshirt or blue shirt & tie. Also members usually wear school trousers and footwear as part of the uniform, but check with your local group. Where do the badges go? You can find a diagram showing the positions of badges for this age group here.


Many young people in the Seniors Section age group are interested in getting involved with helping with the younger members in addition to getting involved in the Seniors programme. Training and support is provided for those young people who wish to volunteer in this way.

What does it Cost

Most groups charge a subscription which may be collected weekly, termly or annually and will usually be 3 Euro per week. This said, we don't want any child to miss out because of cost, so if you have any concerns about finance please speak to a leader in the local group in confidence about this.