The Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association
In the Republic of Ireland

Policy for Working in Partnership with Parents/Guardians

This policy should be read in conjunction with the organisation’s Communication Policy.

Working in partnership with parents/ guardians helps to safeguard children. The Boy’s Brigade and Girls’ Association Republic of Ireland (The BB) sees the welfare of children as paramount and therefore seeks to form positive relationships between leaders and parents to encourage mutual trust and support.

Partnership with parents/guardians and families involves information sharing and consultation regarding all aspects of their child’s participation in The BB

In order to foster positive relationships and a good working partnership between leaders and parents/guardians The BB shall:
  • Ensure that all leaders working with their child are introduced to parents/guardians;
  • Provide parents/guardians with information leaflets on the organisation’s Child Safeguarding Policy;
  • Make available to parents, via their website, all relevant policies and procedures;
  • Ensure that leaders make themselves available to talk to parents/guardians informally on a regular basis;
  • Allow parents the opportunity to visit their child’s activity from time to time;
  • Regularly provide information on activities and events both verbally and in writing
  • Provide feedback to parents on their child’s progress and participation on request.

The organisation shall encourage parents to:
  • Ask questions about policies and procedures;
  • Make suggestions or comments;
  • Ask about their child’s experiences in the organisation;
  • Talk to leaders about how their child is getting on in activities;
  • Keep leaders informed about family events/situations that may be causing children anxiety;
  • Attend events organised by the organisation.

It is essential that this working partnership is based on mutual respect and value so that if an occasion arises whereby a leader has a concern about a child, this can be discussed with parents. It is the practice of The BB to speak with parents/guardians if a concern arises about their child or before a report is going to be made to Tusla in line with the organisation’s guidance on talking to parents/guardians in such situations.